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Trike Types

Recumbent Trike
The recumbent trikes are built from scratch using 16 gauge 1.5 inch square tubing. Rear wheels are 36-64 spoke wheels chrome alloy. Front wheels are 36 spoke. These recumbent comes standard with single speed pedal.
The recumbent also can be ordered as a 5 speed  pedal with rear band or disc brake.

Motorized Recumbent Trike

Bikesbyherby also offers motorized recumbent trikes; comes with front and rear brake levers, basket, emergency lock brake, rear band or disc brake, hand throttle, tail lite, brake(stop) lite, keyed ignition, charger port, 24 volt charger, single or 5 speed pedal, 450 watt geared scooter motor, two 12 volt energy batteries, and a review mirror. This machine travels 5 hours on a charge and can go 15MPH.

Three wheel adult Trikes
Bikesbyherby's most popular trike is a three-wheel bike, called The Herby. The rear end(chassis) is custom built, then we install an old vintage girls bike on to the chassis, add three-wheel basket, front brake, good size seat. You can purchase an optional larger seat.

A new three wheel trike built by Herby is called The Herby2. It features a bike front fork, a Herby rear end and a manufactured frame.The pedals sit out further forward(bottom bracket forward) which allows for more traction to peddle.

Motorized three wheel adult trike
We also offer the Herby2 as a motorized three wheel trike. It features a 450 watt geared scooter motor, charger port, ignition switch, brake and a clearance light.

New Three-wheel Adult Trikes
Bikesbyherby also offers new trikes built by MIAMI SUN. Trikes comes with big seat, 20 inch tires, front and back brake,  single speed, e-brake, and three-wheel basket.

We can also modify this new one into a motorized trike just like the recumbent with same features.


Bikesbyherby added another type called the Quadricycle, a four wheel unit, thus steering both front wheels using a bike handle bar, or steering wheel.. The quad has four wheel disc brakes, basket, throttle, and dashboard, and lights and light switches..
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